From microalgae in nature to


industrial biomass production with


Accordion Bioreactors



Starting with a deep understanding of microalgae's natural environment we collaborate with University of Arizona to develop and test a system based on simple and industrial components. Biopharmia has an exclusive global license to the result - the patented Accordion technology.





The Accordion system is closed, modular, simple and robust to upscale. It has low operating costs by being very energy efficient, around 20 W/m3 medium is sufficient. The investment costs are low by using materials with low costs and industrial components wherever possible. No pumping is required for the operation of the bioreactor. 

Accordion give algae optimal conditions for growth, which means high productivity. Fouling has never been an issue, contributing to high biomass quality.



Advantages with Accordion:

  •   Closed, modular, simple and robust to upscale
  •   Low operating costs, no circulation pumps
  •   Low investment cost by using simple, standard components
  •   Optimal productivity from high gas exchange and low shear
  •   The same reactor can be used to make incoculum as in production


Results achieved with Accordion


Accordion reactors have been operated for 6 years and the technology continuously improved


  • Production has been run in 8 parallel Accordions over 3 years for 6 different algae species with up to 6 months continuous operation of certain species, producing a total of ca 1,5 tons of biomass
  • All species showed significantly higher productivity than reported in literature and consistency in production and quality
  • No problems with fouling or culture collapse
  • Operational experience gives documented foundation for opex, capex and productivity data


Accordion is supported by a grant from the EU H2020 SME programme,

phase 1 contract no. 744643                                                                               





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