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What are microalgae?


Microalgae are simple unicellular organisms that live in freshwater or saltwater, from tropical seas to the polar oceans, from hot spring to glacier snow. Microalgae are not seaweed.

Microalgae can live on sunlight, like plants, or on organic matter, like animals. Photosynthetic microalgae convert sunlight and CO2 to valuable ingredients.

Production of microalgae as an ingredient to food, food supplements, feed and cosmetic are building blocks on the road to greener and more sustainable societies.

Soon microalgae can be economically produced to make feedstocks for green chemicals, biofuel and for cleaning up water and sewage.


  • have a far greater productivity than other plants
  • have an amazing variety of places where they grow and products they produce
  • are the natural and original source of materials important to human and animal well-being, such as omega 3 and astaxanthin
  • are sustainable and not subject to quota or harvest limitations

Microalgae are part of the switch to greener economies and our technology enables effective and industrial production with low costs.


Why in Norway?


Microalgae need pure, clean water and renewable energy - both in good supply in Norway!

Microalgae, the sea and seafood are directly related and Norway has long experience in these areas!










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