From microalgae in nature to


industrial biomass production with


Accordion Bioreactors


Biopharmia focuses on commercialising our technology for production of microalgae. One of our goals is to build a production plant in Norway based on our technology.

Biopharmia works closely with Professor Joel Cuello at the University of Arizona.

We have operated our technology in a plant in Arizona since 2010 and produced many hundreds of kilos of algae.





2005: Founder Roald Flo begins work on beta-glucans

2009: Company formed. Begins development work on Accordion and focus on microalgae

2011: Accordion patent submitted

2011: Supply of biomass to Norwegian feed company

2012: Supply of biomass to Norwegian omega 3 company
         IFE Venture invests in Biopharmia and buys ca 10% of the company

2014: 2 follow-up patents submitted


2015: Study on establishment at Esval Miljøpark, supported by Regional Research Authority

         Commencement of commercialisation

         Signed Letter of Intent with leading Norwegian nutraceuticals manufacturer about supply of two types of

         microalgae biomass


2016: Series A financing round to build algae production plant in Norway

         Accordion receives a grant from EU's H2020 SME programme, phase 1 contract no. 744643



OUR VISION:                                                                 


Biopharmia is the foundation of a new sustainable industry built on microalgae. Our actions and our technology make a difference and we provide solutions to global challenges.







Institute for Energy Technology                                         University of Arizona, Tucson




THE TEAM:                                                                 



  Joel  Cuello Arne Råheim Roald Flo

Professor at the

University of Arizona

Retired executive VP

at IFE. Particular

interest and experience

in IP and nutrients

for large-scale algae


Founder and chairman


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